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    “Cocks getting limp as debs #1 due to centos getting disqualified thanks to systemd fuckups.”

    “You can’t race @ le mans on a fucking poney” says big daddy torvalds

    “But it works on my machine!!!11” LP shrieks dazed in disbelief

    “It was easy to” - we know you like quality content! So please pay us $6227383815 to read the rest of the article
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    >systemd distros

    I am installing Artix out of spite RIGHT NOW
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    Void to rule them all.
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    void seems really nice

    I heard that one of the main devs quit though, not sure how the project will go on with that
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    The founder, xtraeme, quit.
    However, I think its for the better.
    He started Void as a 1 man show, but couldn't properly adapt to how the project grew (pushed breaking updates without review or communication with the other members).
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    He kissed the girl and she seemed into it. Sounds like a win to me.
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    @molaram @LotsOfCaffeine systems ruined Linux for me, that’s why I use openbsd now
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    @FrodoSwaggins @LotsOfCaffeine what is this systemd thing? Is it good or bad? Why so much discussion around this while choosing distros.
    Can you answer or point me to any article where I can get my answers
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    @shiv7071007 systemd, on paper, is an init system and "system manager" I guess

    In practice, it's the first process that runs on your Linux machine, it's responsible for starting up all your services and so on.

    The main reason so many people, including me, dislike and down right hate it, is how it's everywhere. Everything needs to depend on it, everything has to be managed by it, and so on.

    This GitHub issue at the tmux repo basically summarises the attitude of systemd's developers:
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    Systemd is a software suit, developed mainly by Leonnard Poettering and Kay Sievers.
    It aims to replace many traditionally independent Linux utilities with a unified, fully integrated, suite.

    Systemd is actually the name of the core that does most of the heavy lifting.

    Its usually hated for being
    linux-only (Contrary to many other init-schemes),
    Violating Unix principles (big AF monolith instead of KISS),
    Scope creep (it comprises an init, service-manager,udev, session manager, network manager, DNS resolver, boot-manager, ntpd, cron, syslog and some other stuff),
    Glibc dependent (is depends on glibc functionality, which makes it unfit for running on embedded devices)

    The Wikipedia pages should be a good starting point.
    Also search for the systemd-debian dispute.
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    @shiv7071007 @LotsOfCaffeine yeah basically systemd is poorly designed and has caused a lot of software dependency that never used to be even necessary. The authors of systemd also don’t know a whole lot about how unix works so they made very poor assumptions about what an init system can and can’t do to be compatible with reasonably written unix software and then have blamed other authors for not shifting their expectations to view the Linux user land through the systemd paradigm (which is awful but based on everything else I said that should not surprise you)

    To cap it off, a lot of politics was involved in getting distributions to adopt it and part of that involved making it very difficult to maintain versions of software that run on both systemd and other init systems, forcing a lot of resource constrained teams to choose one and then bullying them into making that choice systemd, and then bait and switching your compatibility so that distros have to adopt it. It’s a vicious redhat take over of the freedom of choice in Linux.

    So there isn’t even a good technical reason we have adopted it. It’s basically “because some stupid jackass named lennart wanted a fun project to work on” the same brilliant mind that brought us the fucking mess that is pulseaudio. As if we needed Linux sound to suck even harder than it already did.

    Last, systemd has actually caused very real headaches for users. It regularly causes systems not to boot and be stable. And often for very stupid reasons. I once got into a situation where the system wouldn’t finish booting until it got a dhcp lease. So... what if your kernel module for ethernet isn’t loaded or you know your cable is unplugged? They didn’t even think to put in a timeout!! And it was an embedded system so here we go removing the flash and building a dev board so I can mount the filesystem on another machine... also why TF is it handling networking!? what a joke...
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    Everyone hates it and yet the distributions don’t want to drop it because they know redhat has enough in it to make the maintenance for them a nightmare. Gentoo developers maintain MASSIVE and UGLY ASS patches to allow building without systemd support.
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    @FrodoSwaggins I second all of this.

    I'll probably install Artix soon, we'll see how it goes.
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    @LotsOfCaffeine if you disrespect python and systemd we would probably get along just fine
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    @FrodoSwaggins have you read my bio yet?
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    @LotsOfCaffeine that’s where I got python from :)
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    Let's all bait LP into a hooker party and kick the shit out of him.
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    Laughs in raspbian
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