We should once and for all,
put all IE11 devs in front of a wall
stone them with small rocks
until they bleed out of their socks
then proceed to melt them
with a blazing hot flame
until they are just piles of ash,
I will party like a lush!

This rant wasn't supposed to be a cheap poem, but I can't expect you to read a rant in swiss-german consisting of 98% cussing, swearing and death threats.

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    I mean, I would like to see the original. The syllables and rhyming pattern were making me go 😵
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    Comment the one in German.
    I'm too lazy to translate into my language.
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    well, i sure am not happy to have to support this joke of a browser, but at least my excuse is the companies dependency. why penalize the developers if they are already punished by the specs?
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