Does anyone blog or post on dev topics / tutorials, and if so what platform do you use these days?

- Medium is just full of aggressive paywall crap these days - not interested.
- Freecodecamp is more geared towards tutorials, though I wouldn't be against this - but seems like it's mainly geared towards "getting started" tutorials, and there's no way to comment on articles either.
- dev.to seems to be more of a "Twitter for devs" rather than a blogging platform.
- Blogger is as good as dead.
- Self-hosted platforms require me to maintain them, and I can't be arsed with the SEO side of things.

Anything I'm missing? Apart from to give up and do something more worthwhile with my time of course...

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    Github pages
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    HubPages. I've been using it for years. They have good templates for tech articles, recipes, etc. Also they have a review feature. When you first post an article, they review it within 24 hours.
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    SEO is mostly dead these days. Quality content is the best SEO. If you're going for a managed server or even shared hosting, you don't have to manage anything.

    That leaves the blog itself, and if you do that via an SSG with blogging templates, you don't have to update that either. Also, you're independent from any blogging platform or specific hosting provider.
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    Stackoverflow. I ain't even kidding.
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    @hashedram Does Stackoverflow let anyone set up a blog?
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    @rutee07 Thanks for that - will check it out. Not one I've heard of before.
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