Programming Lesson #7
TLDR: Beating deadlines is difficult
Long version:
There is no easy way to give an estimation or deadline for a particular development task. Sometimes it takes a lot less or often a lot more time to finish a task than estimated deadlines and that's totally fine. Just make sure you have a manager/senior mentor who is well aware of this fact and doesn't scrutinize you regularly for missing deadlines.
I am going to make sure that when I get into a senior management position, I would show understanding and empathy towards my juniors similar to how my seniors show to me currently when I miss deadlines.

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    I'm very glad to be working on forgiving SEO, and I feel that is the management we all strive for, aren't we?
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    I've a impression where management just want to make their client happy.

    As long the clients pay the management will over sell and over promise. The developer will result in getting burnt out.

    But that is not a concern of the management. As long the KPI is hit.
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    What I've learnt is my estimations are always optimistic and don't take into account such things as interruptions. I finally learnt my lesson and caved. Now I just double my estimates! Thing is, they are usually fairly accurate now!!
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