My company is like:

Boss: How long do you estimate to make a universe?
God: 14 billion years.
Boss: You have 7 days. Please reserve 1 for Q&A.

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    im hollering
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    @ArcaneEye it's more like not even God deals deadlines with him
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    At least they give you time for Questions and Answers... 🤔
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    @daegontaven savage!
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    @ArcaneEye So you're suggesting God made the universe? Fair enough
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    @eArshdeep Bible proves that deadlines were tight since the begginig of time. Does it mean that annoying animals like moquitoes and roaches are actual bugs from a rushed deploy?
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    Do you know this app called the universe? Can you make a copy but better? You have 2 days and a budget of $3.50.
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