PM: Can you finish this in four weeks?
Dev: yeah sure, I can finish that in four weeks
Narrator: the dev could not finish it in four weeks

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    This is great, thinking it might work as a cartoon (longer narrator part, screen goes b&w, true Hollywood story style melodramatic narration)
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    Couldn't not read the narrator line in Ron Howard's voice from Arrested Development.
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    good idea for the next devrant cartoon!!
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    Always give worst-case time estimates. If you make it quicker, you're a hero. If, as is more likely, the worst case occurs, it won't appear to be a fuck up!
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    Ha, I didnt even see your rant. I guess we're running the same frequency, and your comment makes more sense now too.
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    Little did he know that the initial requirements were bogus.
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    Did anyone else read the narrator line as Morgan Freeman?
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    @riekena yup. Was about to comment the same 😊
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    The following happens quite often as well:

    PM: Can you do it in 4 weeks?
    Dev: No. But I think I can in 8 weeks.
    PM: so 5 weeks it is then.
    Dev: ...

    Morgan Freeman: the project took 12 weeks to finish
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    This was significantly hilarious.
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