I have never understood people ranting about how Linux is incompatible with their machines. Back in 2006 what ever machine I had tried Linux on was working better with it. More than that all the drivers were working out of the box and the only problem that could possibly happen was with graphics.

FF 10 years. I am using MacBook for some time now and I did no installation of Linux for couple of years now except on bare metal servers. And have just bought my sister a new hp envy. Nothing fucking works. Not even wifi. Installation is hanging and I do not fucking know why! Her previous computer had problems with wifi. If wifi is turned on you could not turn the fucking pc off. It would fucking freeze.

Well fuck my life :(

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    Which distro did you choose?
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    @gnaaah Usually I use Mint. But it happened with almost any distro
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    Member the early years??
    Member driver recognition?
    Oooh, I member!
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    No, but really, you are absolutely right. It used to be so simple.
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    @forkbomber oh I member... Member how we laughed at vista users, member?
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    @forkbomber I did manage to make everything to work (except the fingerprint scanner and I will fix it later). But it is a fucking pain. Didn't use to be like this.
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    @aki237 it does but it is one of those rare scanners that are not supported :)
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    @slinavipuz I am currently using Debian and for this distribution there are several imgs with wifi drivers integrated but (!) the original doesn't have it. May it's the same with mint.
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    @J4s0n idk mate. I kinda gave up searching for the fingerprint scanner driver. Other things were cool
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