In Russian you can put words into sentences in almost any order you wish. This opens many possibilities for poets and for you to add additional meanings.

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    I started learning Russian back in 2018. I left it since then. While I was sex chatting with my human, my phone's keyboard switched to Russian (I forgot that I installed it before) and I had to switch to my laptop because we were almost "there" but I cannot figure out how to fix it at that moment.
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    Just use the improv method next time

    Them: "I'm so close"
    You: "а потом?"
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    @SortOfTested Thanks, I will try that next time. The first that comes to mind is, "Вы человек?"
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    I don't see it as Russian. For me it is virus text :/
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    @rutee07 ты чебурек?
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    Two more replies in virus text and I'll accept that devRant is affected.
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    @akshar сука блять
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    वायरस टेक्स्ट l होना चाहिए😵
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    @uyouthe no u 🤷
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    @SortOfTested बिलकुल नहीं। ऐसे कैसे किसी भी वायरस को स्वीकार करें हम? DevRant को साफ रखो, ठीक है?
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    Да уж очень шикарно.
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    я увижу себя
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