Why do popular media paint "programming" as easy... this is a very big deciet. please let stop this lies.
programming is not for everyone, not everybody can code.
and please dump the f**king "Girls can code" slogan.
there is no need for the hype.

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    But it's true - everyone can code :) quality is a separate topic though
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    Girls can code is a poor effort at trying to break the at times generational perception that cs.e, programming and hardware is "male" and "nerdy" in western society. It's needed, especially in places like where I grew up, but the "girls can code" efforts are largely superficial and ineffective.

    Until we make a dent in poverty culture it won't matter.
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    Basically everything out there is a lie, regardless of subject.
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    @netikras Everyone can program...but do they understand what they program?

    In CS programs do they start out with theory on how a computer is constructed? So that when they teach about sorting they understand this thing called memory?

    I remember in HS the teacher went over memory models and then started talking algorithms. Honestly anyone using a computer should learn something very basic about how the computer works.
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    This should be the first thing everyone learns.

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    Anyone can run npm serve and say they are a programmer, not everyone can tell you wtf that command is actually doing.

    These organisations that attempt to diversify the programming scene, are just noise makers, if women or <insert colour> or any other minorities want to code, they'll find a way to do it, or maybe I'm to white and uneducated to care who's writing the code, just as long as they know what they are re actually doing and not bullshitting their way through.

    @SortOfTested is @SortOfRight, knowledge of hardware is a prerequisite most people fail at having.
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    The sad thing is: most of the bachelor-graduates of cs can't even code, all they can do is copy-paste stackoverflow-answers.
    So, yea, I wouldn't call myself a chef just because I can cook a mean omelette.
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    @SortOfTested kinda shifty opinion there considering not even MIT thinks teaching that as a first thing is a great idea.
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    Cal grads tend to be more aggressive than MIT seedlings 😉
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    @SortOfTested meh, even they don't start from hardcore computer architecture. And I argue that you really shouldn't. As a beginner it's about learning *computing*, not *computers*.
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    I mean, that was second semester material when I was there 🤷‍♀️
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    @SortOfTested still not first semester :p

    Plus you'd have been there a while ago. CS has been moving more towards computing for a while. They've changed syllabi quite a bit (same for my school).

    Clarification: they do introduce you to computer *systems* quite early and give you a working knowledge of everything, but computer architecture as a thing in itself is taught a bit later on.
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    @SortOfTested If we had that as an entry requirement to the internet (or just for using computers), it could be a much nicer place..

    "Thank you for applying for our DSL line at <ISP> . Please send us your 6.823 certificate so we can approve your access to the internet."
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