Anyone else approach coding with the mindset of - "make it work, then make it right".

It really helped me up my productivity

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    I do that
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    It's basically what agile says
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    I do "make it work but don't let your boss know yet, otherwise he would ask for it to be deployed and you wouldn't have time to make it right".
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    Productivity in terms of ticking features and lines of code, yes. But when it comes to adding something that interacts with that code down the track...

    The problem is 'make it work' hits all the metrics, and 'make it right' doesn't. All the incentives push code towards unstable unmaintainable balls of spit and string.

    There's got to be a bit of push back on feature ticking if anyone cares about the long term quality of the product.
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    Depends. If its something I've never implemented before then yes. First making it work is better than making it right. But if I'm adding something I have a clear idea of how it works then I just start adding it correct from the start.
    Using clean code guidelines when making it work makes it easy to improve when refactoring though.
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    Why not both at the same time?
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    That's the only logical approach for me personally. Who cares whether or not someone else's code runs 10 times faster than mine if mine is the only one with the correct functionality? You can and should always iterate on it and optimize _afterwards_. But I do catch myself reusing code whenever possible, not sure if that's always a good practice...
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    I do that too. But anyways, the way you wrote reminded me a song :D
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    Hoo, are you approaching me?
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    Oh? Then come as close as you like?
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    Absolutely 👍
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    Hitler chose this approach.
    Did not work out well.

    Just kidding.
    Though your pseudo and this kick-start rant indicate, you're just about feeding business greed.
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    @scor What did hitler do with this?
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    He rolled over the developing(/ment) community of Europe.

    Just like overreacting managers do when they realize they fucked up schedules.
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