Searching in Youtube "Upcoming Phones 2020" gives me "Top 10 upcoming phones in India"

*Clicks one english title without the word "India"

*Hears voice over in Hindi.

why oh why.

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    It's intentional. To paraphrase Modi "it's is imperative that India flood the internet with hindu material, go serial til it spreads like venereal."
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    it's the 5th most spoken language 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    The expressed frustration here is the recent flooding of youtube videos with English titles and Hindi audio with no indication of that being the case. This is generally classified as low quality content by Google because it has low relevancy to the searcher. Its borderline clickbait.
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    sometimes I listen to indian youtube because their accent puts me to sleep.

    monotone, flat ove throughout pretty makes every indian a asmr creator on addition tp whatever else they are talking about.
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    This is because YouTube is currently in a long campaign to push itself as the primary Indian network to be used; This is because as on recent years India has seen an explosive boom in smart tech usage and all the big corporations are trying to fill the spot of "the main one" in Indian culture.

    It's the same reason T-series (or whatever their name was) got so popular on YouTube as well. YouTube was been pushing them up to show India that their platform is very India-friendly.

    TL;DR : YouTube are doing it to number 1 in India and YouTube shows that they directly control who is the most subscribed person on YouTube, instead of if you're any good.
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    I always append -hindi to my searches.
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