Another rejection....šŸ˜ž

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    Do not give up, see every rejection as practice and experience.

    And work on your own presentation to give a more self assured impression.

    One important thing is to try to gather info on the hiring company so when you get questions about them (you usually do) you have some answers.

    That indicates dedication and interest.
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    That's sad but don't feel dejected. You just got one more opportunity to better yourself

    Who knows, this company might have turned out to be your worst and you just skipped it
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    Sounds like my love life. Lol.
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    @Voxera i had to interview a guy last week, he was lying down on his couch wearing a tank top and probably his dick in his left hand. He was slurping some ass-juice-looking drink with his right hand. Literally told him to fuck off.
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    @molaram those candidates are not looking for a job, they are checking of the required number of interviews to get extended unemployment benefits without the risk of actually getting a job ;)
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    @molaram or they got hubris enough to be invulnerable to failure or criticism
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    @Voxera this guy was def not on benefits.
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    @Voxera i'd add they lack the smallest bit of common sense. Just like fucking raccoons. Even my dog knows not to fucking chew when I'm talking to him.
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    Do you have a portfolio ?

    Eg. Examples of your work to show.

    Perhaps you could record your interviews (For training and quality control purposes..), and publish them on YouTube to get feedback on what you might be able to do better, or differently next time ?

    <-- Has been rejected thousands of times..
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    Perhaps my next interview I should say something like:

    "I've researched your company and discovered its run by a bunch of idiots, as such you really need me to help fix things for you.."
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    @Nanos sometimes honesty might not be the best option :P
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    One way to perhaps get a leg up over others is to find out who just died today, if they had a job, then there will be an opening !

    Not that I've ever stood over a dying man, asked someone in the crowed which company they worked for and started emailing them as he took his last breath..
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