I need some advice, because I'm feeling like I'm getting ripped off by my company.
I'm a junior developer and this is the first company I've every worked at. I've been here for 1 1/2 year. I said in the first interview that I am proficient with a fullstack framework, for a rather niche programming language, but I don't want to do front end, because I'm not good at it and I generally don't like it.
I'm the sole coder working on a project that costs the client 100EUR/h. There are others, but they just organize the tasks I have to do. This project requires me to work a full stack of retardation server, that's a pain in the ass, not really compatible with this project and required hack after hack to be fixed. Finding bugs in this pile of shit often takes days of emailing around and asking for logs in hope something might pop up. I've had to scavage through threads saying the still bleed form the anus or have PTSD, beccause of this retarded stack. As you can imagine, I'm also responsible for all of the QA and obviously get shit for bugs. I'm supposed to remember every little detail I've done in this project at the end of the sprint, while also working on 2-3 other projects simutaniously.
I've developed some small servers with dashboard and api for apps on my own. I'm supposed to also do all of the QA so that my boss doesn't see any errors, because otherwise our clients have to be QA.
I have written a complicated chat system that is distributed across nodes. We've nearly missed a deadline of 6 days for this shit, because I've been put under preasure, because I estimated such a "large" amount of time for this.
Other things I've done include:
* Login/Registration on many projects
* Possibility to add accounts for subordinated, with a full permission system for every resource
* Live product configuration with server validation and realtime price updates
* Wallet & transaction system, dealing with purchases of said product and various other services offered on this platform
* Literally replaced the old, abandoned database framework from a project with a modern one.

I've made some mistakes during the WFH corona times, but this that doesn't mean you can put more preasure on me and pull stuff like this: https://devrant.com/rants/2498161 https://devrant.com/rants/2479761

Is all of what I'm doing and have to deal with worth the 9EUR/h salary?

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    Get the fuck out of that place!
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    9 euros an hour? I've paid more per hour just for cleaning my house. And I live in a poor EU country. Even if it wasn't for the salary, it's too much workload. Why do people think that other people's health doesn't matter?
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    No, you should be making more. Shop around.
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    Before I got into programming, I had a summer job for an car salesmen and my summer loan was 12€/h for washing just the glass of the house for the cars. Could have gotten more when I did it a bit longer and keeping the cars clean.

    At my first apprenticeship the customer also commonly had a 100€/h and my loan was quickly raised after an month when I proven that can work for real.

    Get out, now.
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    Even if your salary was good, I will not suggest you to continue anymore there. You have full stack experience , u can get any job easily atleast with same salary. But in the end, if you don't have proper work environment, don't work there.
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    It honestly pains my heart to read such things. Please please get out of that company and find a company that values and appreciate you.
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    This is really bad, but it got awful once you mentioned that stupidly low salary.

    I'd say look around for another job, far far away from that company.
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    That is 100 percent not right man. It was bad already and for that salary? that is just abuse as I see it.

    Update that CV and shoop around for other places that are worth your time, knowledge and skillset.
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    Besides the shitty stack, I would guess the morale is made worse by a) being solo and b) you’re a consultant working in sprints with high demands from customers.

    Working on a bad stack is soo much more relaxing if it’s in-house and with a team to share the burden.

    Best career move I made was to switch from being a consultant with stessful sprints and switched to a product development company with rolling releases and where I know I’ve always got a stable team. Loving it.
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    Why are you still working there? Do you enjoy being butt raped?
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