You know what I god dam hate.

The likes of Microsoft, twitter and Github trying to change the English language and the definition of words based on your bad history.

How about, instead of banning words like Master branch and server slaves. You instead hand the language back to the English people and fix the spelling mistakes in all modern day programming languages!!!!

Talk about cultural appropriation!!

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    Because the english forgot how to speak. ☕
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    My mother has no idea about pc but still remember when I had to do shit with master/slave on old hdd’s.

    Even she was like “but what main? Main what?? So is main the thing you do nerd stuff?”

    There was no misunderstanding because everybody knew the difference between masters and slaves.
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    I'm gonna have to call the developers of Space Engineers and tell them to change their assembler blocks states from master/slave to b0ss/stressedOutOfficeWorker.
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