Why are devs at google making it hard for android developers? They release libraries so frequently and completely overhaul everything. It was fine till a limit. Now again they are releasing jetpack compose which is a completely new thing. I don't have problem learning new things but the rate at which they release new stuff is far swift than other frameworks. For example they release a new dependency injection hilt while recruiters still look for dagger 2. Android is just getting overwhelming. What are your thoughts?

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    First and foremost, I welcome thee, little green circle!

    Just because something is open source doesn't mean that they want others to fiddle with it.
    It's also a bit of a "do what we want or don't"
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    I was recently thinking to start android dev, just for fun and to get some additional control on my device, thus getting rid of all the web (browser) development because of its constant change.

    Now you made me change my mind.
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    Android Jetpack is mainly compose of backward compatibly. In android we usually use "Android Support Library" but now we just need to use Android Jetpack.

    Android Jetpack make it easier to write a single page application rather than multiple activity app.
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    Google makes android os inconvenient to use directly so you are forced to use google services. Biggest offender is gps. Sure you have access to all low level stuff but its hardly documented and its battery inefficient. And activity recognition has no place being behind google services. It means nothing that android is open source when all the good stuff i hidden behind google services.
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    I agree, thought I'm not an android dev. But whenever I get into android development and try to make something, turns out 90% of the tutorials and examples on the internet are completely outdated, even for the simplest things, because it keeps changing so rapidly. literally articles from 2019 give me solutions that work, but half the code functions are marked as deprecated
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    Google hates anyone daring to use AOSP anyway. SafetyNet Attestation is the culmination of them pissing on the open source community.
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