My new online shitposting course is only $49995.

DM for enquiries.
No time wasters.

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    1 ⭐! It sucked! The guy is so bad o thought about quitting before the end!

    I would recommend @rutee07's method! A lot better and the casual sex is a nice plus!
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Would do it again if not for my sore body
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    @Jilano what u trying to say dude?
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    @rutee07 Are you challenging me?

    @undefined7 If only I knew... But hey, since you're here, wanna participate or something?
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    OMG I won! Mum! Call everyone! I'm famous!
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    @rutee07 Hum... Tough choice. Do you think you could train the fire ants to have little gear and make they do the soldering?
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    the hec
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    @Wisecrack you have a competitor.
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    Here’s my portfolio, the comments have more upvotes than the post😀
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