Why do companies have a competitive coding round when at the end, they want the person to develop things. I know most of them want software engineers instead of developers but the persons developement skills also matters and at the end when the person does not have any developement skills, how is he gonna help.

In one of the program ran by one of the biggest MNC of the World, I was selected from a hackathon and there are some peoples who are selected by a competitive coding round. Now, we are given an assignment in which we have to make a tic-tac-toe game which is AI driven. During one of the meetings with other group members and mentor, many of the persons who got entries by competative programing round does not know any bit of HTML. Out of the 5 weeks of program, they have spent more than 4 weeks in just learning basic HTML, CSS and still they are learning. I don't know even they can complete the program in given timeline or not but this has been a major flaw in recruiting process which I thought is now good.

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    If you know all of that, you have an advantage over them. Just win and next. Keep studying.
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    Usually because they mindlessly copied something they read in a "how to interview tech candidates" blog.

    Just do whiteboard problems, if people can't hack it on a whiteboard and prove they're good to work with in a 4 hour session, they're not worth hiring. Any half competent person should be able to pick up any language or framework inside of a few weeks.
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    It's a means of filtering out the useless applicants that "on paper" are going to be a good fit, but in reality aren't worth the investment.
    There's no better show of how you work under pressure, then to make you work under pressure.
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    @shakur then why do companies have many coding rounds in which all we have to do is practice leetcode questions to ace it
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