So yeah, apparently i am supposed to take part of 'meating'.

I would love to say its joke/meme but no, not really, that happened.

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    This raises more questions then it answers.

    who are you meating and why wasn't @rutee07 invited?
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    Is that what they mean with 'eating somebody out'?
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    Please say it was a meeting, but everyone got a hamburger!!
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    Someone sent internal email about 'meating' and refused my small notice 'eghm, you mean meeting, right?'

    Bear in mind its not our native language.
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    Whom did you meat with?
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    I thought we had something good going on but here you are getting invited to meatings and never mentioning it to me. I'm not mad, just disappointed and a little blue-balled. :'(
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    Awww, sorry, I could totally invite you on said meating.

    But dont you worry, my today expirience tought me that meating is pretty much meeting so ye
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