Finally got my new laptop and so far it looks very promising

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    And yes, it is the old one underneath acting as a heating pad
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    @lamka02sk Why would you want to heat your computer?
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    @ScriptCoded Because it doesn't generate enough heat... and also I have nowhere else to place it
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    The laptop at first sight looks like a big belly pentium until you mentioned that you've got another laptop underneath. Now I have a different view of it. Slicky!
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    Model please? Looking for one.
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    @lamka02sk You sure make me confused 😁
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    @thesagya Ideapad 5 15 inch version with Ryzen 4700U. It has 16GB RAM (soldered), 512GB NVMe SSD, FHD IPS panel. I am surprised that it has only 57Wh battery and looks like it can last 4-7 hours of coding depending on what you do. Thermals are great, max. 80°C under full load, but fan although not annoying starts spinning at 45 degrees. If you want to use Linux, only kernel 5.7+ is supported, so you will probably have to compile it yourself, which I did, but it is super stable and the battery life is exactly the same as on Windows.

    Pros: thermals, battery life, display is very good for a 750€ laptop, keyboard is also nice for a given price + backlit, speed overall is amazing - feels like at least 1500€ laptop, supports Wifi 6, upgradable SSD, free 2,5" slot for a second drive, aluminium lid, decent speakers
    Cons: touchpad could be better but it is not terrible, sometimes noisy, soldered RAM, Lenovo puts a few keys in strange positions

    Exact model: 81YQ000PCK
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    @lamka02sk thanks for the details. Will look into it.
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    > lenovo after 2010

    you're getting it apart MAYBE twice before the screws are fucked.
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    @Parzi I will try to keep that in mind. But even if it lasts for 2-3 years, it will be already a good value, because my next choice was Dell XPS for 2400€ lol.
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    @lamka02sk what kernel are you on? I had to switch to Fedora to get the latest kernels and only after a week it started to work ok. Suspend still isn't working 😁
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    @sjzurek 5.7.7 and works flawlessly. I am really surprised, that I don't experience any problems especially regarding waking up from sleep
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    I have the 4800H - in desperate need for drivers.
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    @shakur Becuase battery
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    @sjzurek It is probably the laptop HW that is causing trouble rather than the CPU
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