College/university: gets a FAIL for plagiarising stack overflow. Serious offence
Working full time: gets PAID to plagiarise stack overflow. Everyday routine.

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    int i = 0.. damn i just copied something another wrote before me... what to do...
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    @klonky quickly, copy another block of code instead
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    I will never understand why people feel like they need to discuss problems with me in real life when you can get the answer from stack overflow.
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    I never went to college for CS - SO snippets are half my professional life!
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    My college does not care if you get snippets from the web. B cause they ask you to explain the code and point out the lines that power a certain feature. You're screwed only if you can't answer, bot for getting snippets off the web.
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    You are not getting paid for ctrl+c ctrl+v from stack overflow, you are getting paid for knowing what to copy and where to paste ;-)
    besides many developers don't know from where and what to copy, this knowledge is the true asset of the software engineer.
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    @klonky prefix every variable with your full name maybe?
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    College =/= Reality
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    @laangi int i = 2..
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    @GigabyteDX typedef unsigned long long klonky..
    klonky klonk = 0x00ff0001
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    Copy, paste and change the variable names ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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