You look through your apartment’s peephole and watch a man pitch backward out of sight and hear them crashing down a flight of stairs and wait for paramedics to arrive ONE NIGHT and your stupid lizard brain decides to amp you up when you want to sleep every night afterward.

How do you guys get sleep?

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    Lay down, close eyes, slow breathing, blank brain. /Done
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    Trauma. Huh. Get help. Talk to friends. If you can sleep next to someone, that usually helps.

    All in all, it's trauma so you have to half-ass deal with it until it goes away.
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    @NoMad Good point. Blargh.
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    emergency stash of ambien I bought from a friend
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    I simply go to bed early by now. I go to bed at around 10-11 and have to wake up at about 04:45, works well for me :)
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