I used to love windows and hated Mac

Then I started using MacBook

Now I don’t like windows at all. I don’t like windows laptops either.

I really didn’t want to be this kind of person who liked Mac and doesn’t like windows laptops

But now I have become this person.....

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    Lol why
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    What about Ubuntu or Debian?
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    Sounds like the thing you like most is comfort 🛌
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    Out of the frying pan
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    Welcome! I switched years ago and after all that devices I finally got the last one to complete my collection – an Apple link bracelet. Needless to say, it’s absolutely amazing.

    Every apple device I got was perfect. For the money they ask the devices are real bargain because of what you get for the money.

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    step into a profesional relationship with apple...

    we at linux/windows will wait (with a stiff drink)
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    Sometimes we become just the person who we don't want to be
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    Here's a wild thought: just use one.

    I don't give a shit, the random.stranger down the road doesn't give a shit, and everyone else shouldn't give a shit.

    If your workflow is better on one vs the other, just use it. It's software, not a spouse you'll be stuck with for life.

    Not to mention you can do a cool magical thing and go back to whichever one you leave if you change your mind.
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    Sounds like you just went from one extreme to the other. Here's an idea: Just use what you're comfortable with and stop worrying about "choosing sides".

    All this about "switching" and "choosing" is zealot vocabulary. You don't need it. There's no rule that demands you need to love Windows and hate Macs or vice versa. You can in fact use both, as do I, and I think you're missing out by putting yourself into a box.
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    Tbh I'd buy a second hand Macbook just for the battery and put Kubuntu on it 😄
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    As an apple hater I have to admit windows laptops suck. Macbooks probably have a few advantages given that the hardware and os are made to work together and don't come with a tonne of bloatware. But buying apple comes with a whole other load of bullshit you have to accept.

    I'm not a fan of the laptop form factor anyway. The only place I ever want to use an ide is at my desk with my big ass monitors and rig that has enough ram to handle chrome and npm
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    There's literally no other OS that has such a refined user experience. The interface, the tools, the "Preview" app, the settings... I have a customized Linux Gnome desktop that is close, but it's still not as polished.

    If only they weren't so expensive... I only use one at work right now.
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    @spencerhowell don't worry you can't make Linux desktops perfect. No desktop is. macOS's reputation as having the best UI was earned in the past. Nowadays it's alright but not setting any standards.

    There's e.g. no built-in snap to edge for windows, Mission Control is unusable with keyboard only, only a single menu bar per screen, inconsistent keyboard shortcuts, a dock stuck in the 90s, and various surprising behaviors (like the dock suddenly appearing on a different screen, just because you happened to move the mouse pointer to its bottom).
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    That was a thing like 10 years ago. Now apple is just an expensive huawei with mediocre after sales.

    You will see the light, eventually.
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    I'd say that Huawei is a cheap apple, given they make no bones about their industrial espionage and usage of the Chinese government as a shield from consequence for outright theft and productization of trade secrets.

    It's kind of like India's space program; it's cool you did it, but you don't get bonus points for cost efficiency when your work is a literal carbon copy of other people's technology and processes over decades.

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    @SortOfTested Idk, as an Apple user, I just see a constant decline in quality and features with every new iteration of their laptops.
    They are trying to be a lifestyle brand oriented to instagrams' Karens and Joes. I am not that person. I'm a programmer and will judge macs as programming tools.

    About Huawei, espionage, I don't care, won't buy their hardware anyway. But checkout their latest laptops, ie. less throttle than apple ones. Just sayin
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