With all the people here using and loving Linux, I wonder how many of you have contributed money to either a distro, drivers or the kernel itself?

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    The first rule of Linux is you don't donate to Linux. You coerce corporations to donate to Linux. Then you complain when corporations take a role in Linux. #CircleOfLife

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    @SortOfTested That whole article is a fucking joke...
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    sell your liver for a Mac, install linux on it, then head to the arch wiki to complain how linux is falling behind all other operating systems
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    None yet. Once I get everything stable financially, I'll start donating to distro's!
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    How about donating your time and coding ability to opensource the way its supposed to work.
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    @superposition Well the thing is that hosting still costs money and you want at least some people to be (near) full-time maintainers
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    Dunno, maybe I'm cynical, but I've seen it play out over and over again for decades.
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    @Geoxion if that is something a company or software creator is worried about don't make it open source.
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