What about "Man page"? You sound like a sex-throlling maniac and I demand that you blacklist the term also from the dictions on your doc 🤪 (Oh fuck, did I just used the word 'blacklist'?) *whispers* Sorry Jim, I actually meant 'darklist' the word 'Man page'.

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    SJW strike again.

    I something want to use certain word to piss them off intentionally. Yeah don't use "black list" use "not white list".

    They need to know that "blocking certain word" will not solve racism , it's just giving a "spot light" to use them more frequently.

    Racism is a concept and people are designed to be that them. Racism come from the fear of unknown and people form group to tackle that problem. You trust your family over a stranger right? Your fear the unknown (stranger) so you isolate your self within your family.Maybe I am stretching a line a bit but it is racism in a nutshell.

    If you ask me "how would I solve racism issue?" It's simple, with greed. You have to teach people that working together with "African-American" (whatever the term you use) will bring them more profit over their peer. People are known to change their behavior due to greed so use that , use SJW.

    Don't tell me it morally incorrect , desperate time call for desperate measure.
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    Come on SJW , if you want to change the world don't go out and protest. Protesting is becoming somehow like a trend and people forget about it after they see on the news. Just like most trend people forget about it after a while.

    If you really want to change the world SJW don't just look at a oppressed group , also try to understand the oppressor point of view.Forcing the oppressor to change their way is like adding a fuel to a fire. They may look change/converted on the outside but they will not change. You have to figure out the reason why they oppress and try to solve that problem.

    You tell us we are bias but you are the only one who is bias. Look at both point of view , keep your head down , rise to the top (no matter who you have to curry favor with). And only just by getting to the tops you can do systematic changes. Be careful when you are on the tops.
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    Are you strong enough to live with the responsibility that your decision will change live of millions of people (especially to those people you fight for)? If you never thought about it before , you are a fake, stop being a band wagoner.

    Let me be a mature person and give you a silent nod whenever you preach me being socially justice.

    My argument don't hold much at this point due to this rant.Yes I acknowledge that I am being a child and I know that I am being childish here.

    P.S : I welcome every "--" but I just want to get my opinion out there.
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    Hallo Chef, ich habe ZiegHeilList laut HitlerPage eingerichtet und es funktioniert perfekt!
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    @mr-user Language bias is being confused with technical terms.
    I personally see no issues with master/slave blacklist/whitelist wordings in the technical world because they are contextual and not bias.

    Take for example a disk burnt from an initial copy called a "master" copy. The term "master" in this context simply means it's the head, which holds original content and all others comes after it. Not necessarily related to (race, age, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation).

    Same goes with the words blacklist & whitelist,
    which historically revolved from
    => Darkness & Lightness (darkness is the absence of light)
    => PowerOut & PowerIn
    => Off & On
    => Remove & Insert
    => Blacklist & Whitelist ✓

    These words revolved around each other and their usage isn't racism in any atom of sense. I find it really foolish when I see products replacing them unnecessarily. Point me to the person who finds offence in these words and I'll tell you that person is sick!
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    That's my point exactly. I think people are just doing a small changes to make them feel they done some work while ignoring the systematic problem they need to solve.
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    When this thing is "naturally deprecated" (whatever that means), this shit has blown over long ago
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    When sjw come for this, we can tell them that it's short for manual
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    I think the people objecting terminology are the only people with racist structures.
    all other people just see it as a normal term hence are not racist.
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