Got a quick question here. If I have a program that uses the Google Maps API for it's location services, the Google Maps API becomes a dependency for my program right?

Just wondering if the term "dependency" can really be attached to any service/library/program that someone's application might require.

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    It is.
    It can.
    That's why it's called "dependency", because without it your app won't work fully.
    Whole API, hosted by Google servers, becomes dependency.
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    The exact definition depends (editor's note: bonus pun) on in which context you use the term dependency. If you are just calling the api via a header in your html file it won't be a concrete project dependency for your npm package, but in general terms your app now depends on this external thing working.
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    Thanks. Just wanted to double check. Need to use this as an example somewhere.
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    Why wouldn't it?
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    Yes. No. Maybe.

    Depends on perspective.

    Yes, it is a dependency.

    If the dependency is determined at run time - optional dependency. (Service can work without it, detection at runtime ("automagic dependency"))

    Mandatory dependency: Service requires the dependency and cannot work without it.

    Transitive dependency: dependencies which stem from the libraries / services that you use.

    Eg. you use a framework for logging… the framework for logging uses a library to pretty print messages.... Then you'll have in your service a transitive dependency on the library that pretty prints messages.
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