Writing my resume in LaTex just so I can list it as a skill on my resume.

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    If you can ever figure out how to use the damn thing, that is
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    It's legit, but don't forget to show off your expectations of salary in formula then :)
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    @vintprox With an infinite sum
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    @12bitfloat Writing a PhD thesis in it is a pretty good learning experience!
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    Get ready when they'll ask for a .doc version
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    @Jilano then they must suck ass. We don't know no doc, there is *.pdf to rule them all.
    Like, excuse them if they dare to make changes in my work.
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    That's kinda recursive.
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    You are one step away from achieving the philosophy holy grail – and idea that’s its own medium
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    @Jilano honestly, if a company asks me for a word document for the application, I'll look elsewhere
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    Thought about that, too. After some research I came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth the effort. A Word document is still the faster way to go, if you're not deep into LaTeX. Also never really came across LaTeX outside uni.
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    @cb219 LaTeX is a fresh air for everybody who deals with formula-heavy documents. Yeah, starting with Word is probably faster - to make intensive formatting, but equation editor always takes time to load there. Also maintaining document in such unreliable format is going to be a pain, if you wanna leave your device and try on another, for example.
    Luckily, there is intuitive and user-friendly WYSIWYG LaTeX editor in 2020: TeXmacs.
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    Rare legend
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