Yaay, after several hours of tinkering I finally got a simple chat over TCP working in rust. I'm happy, I like rust :)

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    Good for you👍

    Not a rant though
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    Just some advice based on personal experience: Add a README.md to the project, fill it with some documentation and description, and upload it to Github, so when you come back to the project a couple of months later, you'll enjoy looking at it a lot more. :)
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    **firebase firestore users quickly hide under the desk**
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    @just8littleBit lol I forgot to post it in random. My bad I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Btw imho complaining about tags is just pedantic, no one uses these things anyway.
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    @alcatraz627 oh I'm gonna make a very pretty readme, but before I do that I want to make the "UI" pretty and polish a bit some things.
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    @heavenZ52 please don't tell me people use firestore to build chat apps
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    @neeno we don’t care too much about tags, except if it’s tagged as rant, the rant tag must stay pure here;)
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    taking a few hours to write a chat app? sure looks like a rant, he just forgot to say "fuck rust"
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    @molaram Schrödinger’s rant
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    @just8littleBit Category is rant/story, this very much qualifies as a story.
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    @neeno Tags matter.
    You’re a dev. You should organize your data without even thinking about it.

    Regardless: correct tag!
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    @neeno Of course tags matter! I fucking hate memes and can filtermost out due to proper tagging...
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    @Root @linuxxx all right! All right! You win, next time I'll be more careful. But I'm not changing this rant's tag because I can't, not without deleting the rant anyway, and I'm not loosing my precious ++.
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    @neeno We. Both. Mentioned. You. Tagged. This. Properly.
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    @Root oh, I thought you said to correct my tag. Damn I read your comment twice maybe even thrice and still managed to misread it.
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    @neeno Haha no worries man, this was tagged correctly and like @Root said, we already mentioned ;)
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