Like one of those jobs that demand 12 years of experience with Kubernetes (which was released 6 years ago)

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    What else is new ?

    I love this kind of offers, usually I take around 15 minutes to write a response along lines

    "hello, I have X years experience with this Y thingy. But as I'm the only one in the world having this kind of experience, I would require a scientifically higher salary, at least for the first (Years they asked minus years techno exists) years”
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    Years of experience is not a direct correlation to skill, but it's the only real correlation you can draw.

    If we gave tests, people would complain that tests are ineffective measures of skill.
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    Also how does this guy have the patience to find emojis for each of his sentences? Maybe he was ancient Egyptian in a past life?
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    @AlgoRythm I worked in an industry that loved certification tests as benchmarks, it was terrible.

    I'll take the vagaries of years of experience over the complete moron but has a certification world any day.
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    Measuring immeasurable with time units. Ah, classic humanity
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