My PC just stopped working and I can't figure out why. There's absolutely no feedback to pushing the power switch. I feel like I tried everything the internet recommends, made sure the button works (it does, and so do the connected pins on the MB), held it down for a minute with the PSU unplugged, shorted the power pins manually, re-plugged all the cables, changed the CMOS battery, tried turning it on with just one RAM stick at a time.

I'm out of ideas.

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    PSU is most likely blown.

    Unplug everything, short pins 14-15 on the mobo connector, see if PSU comes to life. If not, dead PSU.

    If it works, plug everything back in one at a time until the problem comes back. When it does, you've identified your dodgy component.
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    @AlmondSauce Will try tomorrow.

    How am I gonna short the pins though? with the cable unplugged from the mb as well?
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    @DustInCompetent Yup, unplug it from *everything*. Then you've just got a bare PSU you can test.
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    How: Paper clip
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    On youtube type in: "Corsair PSU test" First video

    Try this. It's an official video from Corsair. Just make sure to be save, i wouldn't touch the paperclip and just turn on the psu and take a step back. Make sure to not wear anything metal and inform yourself on the internet because I sure as shit don't know anything about electronics. If you don't have a failsave in your home electronics that pops out once there is a short circuit you could seriously injure yourself or even fucking die. If you get a big zap, go to the fucking hospital. Heart fibrillation is no joke. Sorry for all the fucking.
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    Check that the power outlet you are using is working (don't use the paper clip for that)
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    @AlmondSauce The PSU works when I start it like that, even with everything else plugged in. Looks like the motherboard just fails to ground those pins, guess I'm gonna have to get a new one :/
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    @Mark-Zuckerberg I can't believe THE Mark Zuckerberg made an account just to comment on this post.

    I found a similar video for the EVGA PSU I'm using
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    I had the exact same issue, the PSU is either not getting enough ventilation (in my case a teddy bear someone put there) or then later on a another PSU swapping it out worked just fine again.

    My PC just turned off, no blue screen, no error message not even an even in windows event handler. I also had to switch the PSU off, wait for about 10 seconds and flip it back on again to make it work

    My PSU was a bequiet (I think 650W, not sure tho)
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    Hey there @DustInCompetent it's me, ya boy.
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    Christ kid, millions of people have been using the paperclip test for 30+ years. It's the recommended methods in most instruction manuals.

    Do you have any real experience to impart or are you just here to spread FUD and sling logical fallacy?

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    @Mark-Zuckerberg something is seriously wrong with a computer psu if you get something out of its cables that kills you. As long as you're not poking inside the psu you should be fine.
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