Getting drunk texts from my employees that just remembered something to do at night on a Saturday is definitely one of the highlights of my weekend.

I don't trip, poor dudes get fucking tasked out of the ass by the entire institution, and whilst I try to shield them from bullshit as much as I can their duties entail a lot of stuff, if they forgot to do 1 task out of the fucking 100s of shit they are asked to do on a daily basis that is fine really. I am never going to shit on them for it. It happens, specially when you are understaffed and everyone has thousands of additional duties. I really try man.

But yeh, them drunk texts are funny af. Makes me think exactly what the fuck were these dudes going through that somehow something clicked and reminded them of a pending item.

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    That's just simple, honest, country PTSD right there. Real farm to table psychological issues created by every employer in this country. 🥳
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    @SortOfTested no, seriously, what?
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    Haha, sorry, got distracted making food

    Drunken panic rememberings are similar to night terrors. They're the things that, for whatever reason have caused you trauma. The cause could be anything like a sense of worry about consequence for inaction or the residual effects of strong anxiety related to loss.

    Either way, when someone remembers something and acts on it while drinking, it's because they're preoccupied with it while sober.
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    @SortOfTested oooooh that actually makes a lot of sense.

    I thought "our girl here probably typed that drunk, but knowing her there is wisdom in them words!!"
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    @SortOfTested & @AleCx04
    Though I'd like to add, it hasn't to emerge from trauma or terror.
    You could just enjoy having honest colleagues who happen to actively think about (their) being and surrounding, even drunk.
    Anyways, there's prove, that we loose some of our memories when passing through a(ny) door in order to sort out. Which is strongly linked to short / long term memory.
    If something pops up later, it might have been processed besides other things. But it's there.
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