I applied for the wrong job for my placement year. Put down COMPSCI on the form (which, it turns out, is computational biology, which I knew nothing about) rather than ITSEC, which was the software dev side of things.

I only found out in the interview, when the first question was asked:

"So Almond, I'm a bit confused as to why you've applied to this role specifically given you've no biology background at all - could you fill us in?"


I spewed some kind of crap on the spot about wanting to work in a field where I saw a direct & differing application of computing than I'd seen before, and thought my focus on the technical, rather than the scientific side of things might be an asset to them. This awkward exchange went on for a while - but somehow it seemed to work, because I was offered the job, and decided to take it - had a fantastic year there.

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    Good job
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    NOTICE: AlmondSauce is a trained professional and has the professional skills and knowledge to pull such bs. Beginners, please do not do this or you will burn through the process.

    This has been a public service announcement.
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    Indeed.. business is always about negotiation.. not paper weight.. I found that out first hand.. being top of the class.. only to lose every job a thousand times because I don't have a big, arrogant mouth.. not saying you're arrogant though, lol.. just assertive.
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    @CaptainRant I certainly was way too arrogant back then, and ironically probably wouldn't do nearly as well in a similar situation now as a result 😂
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