My most awkward interview experience:
I go through the whole process Witt my usual attitude: stay relaxed, be open and let it be a process about meeting each other.
My interviewer at the end of it: "we won't hire you, you are too relaxed and don't fear me enough."

Ooookay? Glad I didn't pass it then!

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    You dodged a bullet, good for you !
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    @zlot to be honest at the moment I was very confused about what happened and how to react to it so I didn't say anything, but going back home I realized the bullet it was
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    "You don't fear me enough" - every toxic manager ever
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    Fear is reserved for sharks, large felines, canines and wild boars.

    Oh and that parasite fish in Africa that swims up your peepee and plays balloon :-p

    Humans though? Fuck that.
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    @ArcaneEye What about a weird hard thing in the back of my throat? It makes me cough sometimes and feels like plastic stuck in there.
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    @Demolishun I'm not even a physiotherapist and I'm sure as hell no doctor, sorry, can't help you :-(
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    fear is the mind killer
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    Good work dodging that at the last second like in the movies! But it's probably better to dodge it earlier, ideally without even going to the interview
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    @ArtOfBBQ true, but they seemed not too crazy from the job posting
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    crafty lunatics
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