Beginner tutorials are great.

Personal project UE4 (Unreal Engine Game Dev)
I'm having this bug where I dynamically draw every tick into a Uncanvas. (C++) First I call .ClearChildern and after I create UserWidgets by calling blueprint to fill text.

Text is Invisible when drawn in native tick
I works. If I don't do it in the NativeTick

Search Online: "UE4 UMG text dissappears"
Result: How to create a Button in UMG
Me: No I'm creating a complex UI system

Search Online: UE4 Issue with UMG Text disappears when drawn in native tick
Result: How to create textfield UMG with blueprints
Me: No I have a weird bug and trying to figure out why that is!

50 Searches later
have seen 50 tutorials on how to do the basics.

My problem with certain applications that there are so many tutorials out there that Sirius shit is hidden behind a cloud of beginners content.

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    Sorry, I only speak Unity
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    from my experience, this is how it always is with UE.

    20fuckthousand detailed tutorials for all the basic shit, and the best you can find for the more advanced stuff (if anything) is "it's easy, just use X".

    okay... where do I find X? how do I enable X? how do I use X?

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