I create a website that can allow you to use light and dark theme, it's that racist.?

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    "You're going down, you sick fuck!"
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    You have to use grayscale, and nothing else, but then the grey beards make feel attacked... fuck!
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    Fuck off
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    also if you put red buttons in your website it's a reference to redskins so fuck you very much for killing them and raping their wives and taking all their land you racist fuck
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    All websites should be in rainbow colours
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    If you use...

    White: you're a white supremisist and everyone sould hate you.

    Black: you hate blacks and you're a racist. (or you love blacks and hate whites, which is totes okay and not racist at all)

    Red: You hate Indians, Chinese, and probably Koreans too.

    Orange: You voted for Mr. Cheeto didn't you!?!1

    Yellow: you're making a mockery of Asians / are a "yellow fever" pervert! Also, by not thinking of a specific race you're culture-erasing them all you racist asshole. And if you thought of a specific race, that's even more racist you fuck!

    Tan: you're a xenophobe who hates middle easterners, latinos, all hispanics, and probably pacific islanders, too.

    Brown: (See: Black, Tan)

    Green: The Chinese find this offensive you insensitive prick.

    Blue: You're a dem, you're coo.

    Purple: You're obviously trying too hard to be an LGBTQI+ ally, which means you're secretively homophobic and need therapy so you can stop hurting others

    Indigo: Best color ever. Also, you're probably an alien.
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    You need to add Rainbow color to support LGBT HAHAHAHAHAHA
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    @Kimmax sorry dude, I love dark theme, but my friend say so.. so i just want to know how to reply that question nicely..
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    @sarafe Your friends are stupid (or trolling). In any case, you can show them this message if they ask why you're saying that.
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    @Jilano yeah I hope my friend just joking,
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    Stop worrying about what extremists think... And do what most people will like.
    Some like white, some like black, but no one can complain if they can pick what they like.
    Btw thers no white or black color skin unless someone is scared to shit. It's all brown, pink and red tones. Blue for Martians
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