I create a website that can allow you to use light and dark theme, it's that racist.?

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    "You're going down, you sick fuck!"
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    You have to use grayscale, and nothing else, but then the grey beards make feel attacked... fuck!
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    Fuck off
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    you need LGBTQIA+ color for every sexual orientation, color skin, and fart smell combination possible for it to be inclusive.

    that should be roughly 1024 colors, good luck
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    also if you put red buttons in your website it's a reference to redskins so fuck you very much for killing them and raping their wives and taking all their land you racist fuck
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    All websites should be in rainbow colours
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    If you use...

    White: you're a white supremisist and everyone sould hate you.

    Black: you hate blacks and you're a racist. (or you love blacks and hate whites, which is totes okay and not racist at all)

    Red: You hate Indians, Chinese, and probably Koreans too.

    Orange: You voted for Mr. Cheeto didn't you!?!1

    Yellow: you're making a mockery of Asians / are a "yellow fever" pervert! Also, by not thinking of a specific race you're culture-erasing them all you racist asshole. And if you thought of a specific race, that's even more racist you fuck!

    Tan: you're a xenophobe who hates middle easterners, latinos, all hispanics, and probably pacific islanders, too.

    Brown: (See: Black, Tan)

    Green: The Chinese find this offensive you insensitive prick.

    Blue: You're a dem, you're coo.

    Purple: You're obviously trying too hard to be an LGBTQI+ ally, which means you're secretively homophobic and need therapy so you can stop hurting others

    Indigo: Best color ever. Also, you're probably an alien.
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    You need to add Rainbow color to support LGBT HAHAHAHAHAHA
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    @Kimmax sorry dude, I love dark theme, but my friend say so.. so i just want to know how to reply that question nicely..
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    @sarafe Your friends are stupid (or trolling). In any case, you can show them this message if they ask why you're saying that.
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    @Jilano yeah I hope my friend just joking,
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