Boot up a Linux live usb on a Windows machine, then rename cmd.exe to utilman.exe and after rebooting select accessibility options which now opens a command line and then 'net user username owned' to reset user 'username' password to 'owned'. Been using this for years..

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    That's a good one. For windows physical access Hacks, I was more of a sticky key to open elevated cmd prompt type guy.
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    Sorry, i don't get it why you do that?
    To bypass windows logins?
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    @heyheni Yeah, if you have a locked machine and someone forgot the PW. It's a savior, if a dart disk isn't around.
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    @heyheni yes. this is a hidden Microsoft feature of how to gain an Administrator privileges on a Windows machine. Have helped few of my friends who have forgotten their Administrator or user password. :)
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    Awesome and scary! :D
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    @aikone yeah "hidden feature"
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    Anyway it doesn't mean shit to have a password if your data isn't encrypted...
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    @azous that's true :)
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    Yeah, I first knew about it in High School ! I was... well, wandering around with my usb key. Sometimes I hear from my little brother going in my old High School that the users accounts I created are still there xD.
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    @aikone it's not a feature...
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    @GlitchF5 used to do this with sticky keys as well back in high school for fun 😂 used puppy linux for small linux 😀
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    I think microsoft cannot fix that so they made it into feature ;) LOL
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    I use Kon-Boot if I want to bypass Windows passwords.
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    @620hun nice one. Now I'm interested how to do this myself 😃
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