So yeah, need money so I started looking for extra projects to develop and found a project to make "the new facebook" and it just kinda sucks.

I just got access to the whole codebase and it's done using angular, nodejs and typescript (which is cool to me), while the dude contacting me was telling me it was done in react (which is kinda a big no for me).

Well, anyway, I start by cloning the repo and the npm-i the whole thing, it's not even at 10% of the whole process and I already got like 50 deprecated packages over maybe a hundred needed (total of 2054 node modules installed).

Well I kinda don't even know where to start from this, all I know is that I'm gonna do it just for the money so I'll be a little underpaid (about 500$/month) while according to me the price should be about 1500$/month, but I can't do it full-time, so it kinda works out.

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