Today on forgotten creators – Papa Srapa.

It all started with some kind of enlightenment. He writes that he suddenly realized that some genius musician somewhere died right now and his energy transferred to him. He had sex dozen times that day and it was like he has infinite libido and is unable to feel fatigue anymore. Was it really an enlightenment from above or he just lost his mind doesn’t matter anymore.

He created some music before but now he was wandering around scrapyards and flea markets to find some electronics to make his crazy synthesizers. He claims that he can instantly feel a “soul” hidden inside a microchip and he indeed have some innovative, unusual and straight up weird approaches when it comes to schematics. It’s basically A Place to Bury Strangers’ brand DEATH BY AUDIO but taken to the absolute limit.

He experimented with plants, living humans and even his own semen to use it and some of its “fluctuations” as a source for the sonic synthesis.

If you’re into weird experimental electronic music, give it a try:


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