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this is why people keep thinking us in the JavaScript world are fucking retarded.

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    Iono, AlexCx04.js seems like it's pretty dope in the alpha >.>
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    This isn't Why we think it, it's because you fuckers release 1 line packages that aren't necessary by any means.
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    I like variety... although for production I really don't change much.

    If folks don't like chance I guess they can go write something else. These things are just tools, use what you like.
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    @N00bPancakes I am one of those that follows things on the cutting edge. I am all for new technologies and better ways of doing things. I will not, for example, jump at shit just because it is new and shiny. Being a code monkey in your room is fun in games, having something that breaks off every other week in production is another.
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    @C0D4 I don't know how that is any different to what I said though. A mfker commits 1 line to a repo, gets added to master and suddenly its a break in compatibility change.
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    @M1sf3t yeat again, as as famously noted before, I have no clue what you are talking about.
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    @FrodoSwaggins I swear, for more than 99% of the things people want to do, php will suffice aaaaaand at the same time adding js to the effects/etc that they wan to use it can be simply done with proper css.

    Web dev is a shitstorm
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    @AleCx04 not will, does suffice.
    There hasn't been a web related usecase i have found in 15 years I couldn't solve with php.

    Cli... that's what we have python for when php doesn't cut it 😂
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    The reason JS is such a mess is because it's the first language for many developers.

    So... 80% of frontend devs are effectively junior devs, highschool hobbyists, curious sales agents and marketeers who followed a bootcamp. And to make things worse: Most of these people only encounter other juniors in their bubble.

    And then some people said "wouldn't it be amazing and easy if you could also use JS for backend, and devops, and smartphones, and programmable toasters and sex toys"

    So... A large portion of these juniors never learn about any other programming paradigms, and consider JS the best language because it offers them everything, and they do nothing but gloat about their perceived superiority.

    JS is a walled garden that looks quite sweet when you're immersed in it, but from the outside you see it for what it truly is: A puddle filled with a bunch of pigs, half-drunk from eating badly aged fermented blogs, rolling around in their own shit.
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    @bittersweet I actually quite enjoy the language and appreciate the fact that people took off with it and it has evolved better.

    Personally, there is only one "language" that I hate and that is VBA, but there are horrible reasons, as well as painful memories for that.

    What I do mind is everyone jumping into creating every manner of possible web frameworks for it. I am all for evolution in terms of computing tools, change is good. But dear me, do we really need another front end framework? Do we really need to have that much shit in the frontend? I daresay: no we do not.
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    Worse are the ones that are "for 2021" even though it's FUCKING 2020!!! they do this with video games (NBA, FIFA...), annuals (e.g
    Guinness world records), etc, and it's always annoyed me
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    but you are.
    i don't mean specifically you, but there's two kinds of JS devs: those who are suicidally deppressed, and those who are retarded.
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