Hey devRant! Long time no see
I recently landed a job as a java developer so that's amazing
Still getting my head around the company's codebase, and holy fuck its huge.
I was taught best oop practices and patterns in CS class, but seeing them implemented in such a huge project is kinda pisssing me off: every single thing in the code has dozens of classes that call and implement each other, I spend half my time spamming the "open declaration" shortcut in a futile attempt to understand how the pieces fit together.
Sometimes I wish they had stuck to implementing everything in a handful of files, instead of the jungle of nested packages and references I got :pensive:
Oh well at least most thing are documented :shrug:
I kinda get y some people despise java for being so verbose and forcing strict pop on the programmer XD

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    Any codebase you experience for the first time looks like a pile of shit.

    Give it some time before you make observations.

    (... maybe it's an actual pile of shit though, who knows)
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    I think you're worthy of my 78th:

    "what is a java?"
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    @WeAreMany will it look shittier in time?
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    At least it's a large documented project. It has that going for it at the very least. Wait till you find some self righteous guy who thinks his code is self documenting enough.
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    Trust me, a huge codebase crammed into a few files is way worse.
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