A typical (Covid) day (for me) being self employed. I tend to start working at around 8am, only break to make coffee, and by 3:30 in the afternoon I fall asleep til 5pm. Then I get some food, play my bass, mess around in garage band, drink a bottle of wine, watch some crap movie, go to bed around 1:00am rinse and repeat. I never work weekends anymore. Interested to know your Covid day,.

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    Please don’t make start crying 💔
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    I work remote, with no strict work schedule, so my day goes smth like:
    - wake up at 9-10
    - work till 15-16
    - chill out till 23
    - work till 1 in the morning
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    @WildPotato do you always go to bed at same hour?

    I often play calm-like youtube videos on minimal volume, so my mind focuses on that sound, rather than going crazy and thinking.
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    • Wake up at 8-9am
    • Get ready and dressed
    • 9:30-10:00am standup
    • Make breakfast for everyone
    • Make breakfast for myself
    • Try to escape everyone
    • Finally get to work around 11am to noon
    • Do my best to work through incessant interruptions
    • Fail miserably because the house is tiny and I don’t have an office
    • Break up fights, console random crying
    • Field questions and dodge conversations
    • Desperately try to get *something* done
    • Try to keep the children from killing themselves, and quiet
    • Fix things (games, computer issues, phone issues, broken toys)
    • Continue struggling to work amidst the chaos
    • Eventually give up at around 7pm
    • Go cook a way too late dinner for everyone
    • Cook something tiny for myself
    • Put the children to bed way too late
    • Try to get some work done now that the house is quiet
    • Eventually give up because I’m too tired
    • Try to stay up and do something fun
    • Too tired to do anything at all and just stare or fail to enjoy whatever I settle on doing
    • Go to bed around midnight.
    • Rinse, repeat.

    I have no idea how I still have a job.
    I also might not be sane any longer.
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    - up at 3:00am
    - join standup at 3:30am
    - code, help unblock until 10am
    - call with other leadership til 11
    - sandwich 12:00 - 12:15
    - code until 2pm
    - do any sales support, tech demo, etc calls until 4pm
    - make dinner, feed husband and kids
    - clean house, clean self
    - exercise
    - in bed by 10pm
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