I had a dream about AI.

I was contracted at a company that did some dodgy things. One of the things they "produced" was train car covers. They said the beauty of "selling" these is that they only showed that they shipped them to customers, despite never shipping them. This allowed the customers to take credit for covering their train cars to meet some environmental quota. It was a racket to satisfy someones auditing books somewhere.

Well my specialty was AI systems. I provided various types of AI for them to use to run their scams. However, there was a rule. I was not allowed to sell them or bring onsite any level 5 or above AIs. Level 5 or above AIs were AIs capable of independent thought. Not sure what levels were below, but I can imagine level 1 was probably pattern matching. Level 2 maybe can make decisions based upon rule sets.

As the dream progressed I found myself smuggling a level 5 AI onsite by combining 2 lower level AIs with complementary systems. Once "hooked up" they would act as a single level 5 AI. Not sure if I was working on some sort of industrial espionage or undercover for some sort of legal agency. I woke up too soon to find out who I really was.

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    What if you were given a job like that in real life?
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    @asgs The thing is that I have dreams and years later they happen. I have had this happen several times in my life.

    I also had a dream a while back about selecting a ram/storage upgrade for my neural interface. I was looking at a website similar to amazon for this. I really hope that one comes true.
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    @Demolishun maybe you should build "The Machine" shown in Person Of Interest

    Also, to accomplish something in your life, all you have to do is keep your mind on it until it gets transformed into a dream. And it is just a matter of time when you will realize it
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    @asgs I second this.
    You should build her and set her free.
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    @Root if you love her let her go.
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