Should you work in a start up as first job? Or which job is ideal for a junior?

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    Start at a company that is just big enough to have it's own full time hr person.
    You get a mature company that has the support structures to get you going and it's small and agile enough to be open to your ideas and suggestions.

    Startups for beginners are a scam. They expect from you to know everything and you're always to blame. Work crazy overtime and for very shitty pay.

    As your job after your first a startup job may be a good thing tho. As you learn to become independent and having to wear multiple hats and become a jack of all trades. Which is useful later in life.
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    Starting off at a start-up is not as bad. I've seen my juniors join as freshers, working their way up to mid-level developers learning most of the things doing projects in one startup

    Of course, the pressure and expectations are high. But it is not as bad as it might seem
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    I run a startup and I won't hire fresh grads. Anyone that does is either very late stage or foolish
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    I'm looking at a start up with about 18 people. Is this too much or too little?
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    Headcount v stage is like years of experience v skill. A meaningless measurement. The question you need to ask is what stage they're in. If they haven't achieved market fit and aren't in the late growth stage, pass.
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    Startups can be shit to work at but you’re can also learn a shit lot.
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    You will have to do a lot of work but you learn multiple domain knowledge
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    If the start-up also has skilled senior devs that can mentor you: yes, it would be a fun ride!

    If you are on your own as a developer or surrounded only by other juniors I would dare to say it's unfortunate both for yourself and the start-up.
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    Tried it, didn't work. Switched to a job at a larger company after 1.5 years which actually provides decent support and guidance to lesser experienced developers.
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    Worked at a startup for 2 years as a newbie.
    Professionally, it was a good choice as I got to learn alot.
    Mentally, it was the worst thing i could have ever done to myself. Ever since I left that place, I don't want to work for anyone full time. I am working part time and freelance and doing things on my own. It has been more than a year but I still don't feel like I can trust a company enough to give them my fulltime energy.
    - Startups make you work extra-time on regular basis and don't pay for it because they are astartup and they can't afford to pay over time.
    - End of the day if you are a developer and there's another head of IT, then you can be sure that there's nothing you can ever do to get a promotion or to be more important.
    - You get blamed for everything that ever goes wrong because you are a junior
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    Sorry for such a negative comment -_-
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    @monrichi its good you show us the reality
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    @GXGOW Hello, I see you are also from belgium :) What do the companies most look for when hiring a fresh graduate from school who wants a junior job?
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