typical dev offer

they look for a dev that should migrate their existing system to a new one

the old dev wrote a system that is archaic now and he wants to quit developing

and if you "want" to do more than just coding they would like you to support them in
- managing social media
- layouting / photoshop
- creating videos

they search ONE developer to do this
and are not really planing on expanding - I got only very vague respones regarding this topic

typical We search an "allrounder / one man show"...

what do you guys think? they invited me for a meeting next week. I think i will go for the impression and see afterwards how I should proceed. But kinda iffy and the fact that I will be the only dev makes me wonder about the fact that I may feel lonely fast, stressed aaaand no real option to educate myself because I will have no free time and if potentially I (the whole dev team) don't work, then no work gets done.

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    That's not a typical offer
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    It is funny you thought "see afterwards"

    Make up your mind that you won't join. Meet them to see how bad they actually are and have fun
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    @asgs true. i'm just too naive i guess and thought it can't be that bad... heh
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    Well what's the worst that can happen if you go there and do spend time on educating yourself?
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    @electrineer yeah well.. i'll see what impression I get after my interview I guess. Worst thing in general would be that they could fire me I would say, but that would be kinda weird especially (potentially) if I would be the only developer.

    It's also one of the questions I want to ask in the upcoming job interview. To ask what their priorities are and if there are any opportunites to take workshops / seminars or whats their general take on that topic.
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    That's not a dev job, that's a "computer guy" job...
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    I’ve had a job like that. It was hell! I was the only technical person in the place and they expected me to be able to do everything IT related.
    It might be ok but I’d get them to agree to a training budget and make sure they’re happy to pay for any software you need.
    The company I worked for used everything open source because their thinking was that if they paid for a developer then they wouldn’t have to pay for anything else.
    They also went bankrupt a few months after I left.
    Just make sure you do your research on them.
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    Story of my life....
    Just make sure the boss isn't a dickhead. It can be a great learning experience, but can be hell on the other end. If you are lucky you will love this job.
    I had some luck and I've learned things I've never even expected I'll come close to.
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