I would like to ask you fellow devs how many books you have read.

No matter the subject, length, medium, or reason for it. Of course I am asking for an approximate number, I'm not asking you to count your books.

I am asking bc I once heard that people that have read more books, are generally more successful in their career.

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    Uh, I'll check my shelves real quick.
    But amount of read books does not have anything to do with success in life.
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    At least 3

    PS: As Ranchu already said, there is no real correlation between the number of books read and a successful career.
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    Somewhere around I'd say like 4.2?
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    30-50 at least, but the vast majority are pulp like science fiction or indian books, or dramas/plays.
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    No idea but I have around 400 in my book cases. No idea how many I loaned from library and friends.

    Add 30-40 at work and you are probably closing in on the number.

    On top of that theres around 800 marvel and dc comics and another 1500 donald duck ;)
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    @Voxera f in the chat if your place catches on fire
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    @Stuxnet I do hope it does not, and I have a monitored burglar and fire alarm just in case ;)
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    I guess around 100?
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