I don’t disagree 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    Oh yeah? Those fucking family members use Assembly to code their xvideos website?
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    As a PHP dev i also agree.

    While the language evolved to be actually usable, the standard library still is and will probably forever be a pile of wrapped C libs.
    I had to write my own wrappers around that wrappers to get consistent names and argument order...
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    Pornhub is a legit company.
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    I applied for a senior developer role at FetLife. Thought it might be interesting 😇
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    @rooter you mean they wanted you to direct the videos?
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    @Oktokolo I certainly understand it’s usefulness and hate adding extra libraries to a project but it just feels so messy
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    It feels messy mainly because of it's standard library and a few wierd concepts other scripting languages don't have (like the combined map/list type called array, wich also exhibits implicit type casting of number-like keys) - or the famous references/aliases (don't use them if you can solve the problem without them)...

    But if you follow a strict styleguide and consequently wrap all the things, you can build good things in PHP. And PHP is pretty fast even when wrapping everything.
    If i would start coding today, i would obviously choose the most current Python 3 though...
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    People like to complain about PHP I guess they never knew old ASP
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    I had to alter something that looked like Java in some ASP back then. It was pretty boring.
    Now that you have F# or C#, ASP could actually be fun. But i guess you would need to use IIS for that - wich still is a no-go fifteen years later...
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