Can we please stop using continuous delivery on mobile. I don't want to update your app every other week just because you decided to change a comment.
Also Bugfixes and improvements doesn't say anything as a changelog!

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    some jerks use update spam to up their MAU artificially so they can get better valuations.
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    Do people not just leave auto updates on?
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    I'm running a little app and I regularly push updates that will be completely useless to most of my users. I didn't even realize it could be a pain point tbh, maybe I should wait for substantial updates
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    @ArtOfBBQ nah. Keep doing things your way. As long as you can add something sensible to the changelog you're good.
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    @N00bPancakes No because I want to control when to install that update that breaks a crucial function.
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    Too much bullshit in this industry I swear.
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