Attempting a Big Sur Hackintosh for the 100th time already...

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    @shakur Big Sur is the new version of macOS which is going to release publicly soon and I don’t wanna use normal Linux because N O
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    @shakur I like Xcode... and also I want to develop iOS apps. I am already set with a working iMessage and FaceTime on the Hackintosh as well so I am not going to even try to install PopOS
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    Here’s your award for when you get there
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    @uyouthe this is the worst, but I am installing on a PC so I’m not gonna see it :D
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    @shakur I just like macOS lol
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    I’ve used more than 20 distro’s and all require in-depth technical knowledge to do things like backups and fast recovery when hardware is going to die.

    I don’t have the time, nor patience for it. Now leave the people alone, we just use what works best for us, which doesn’t mean it’s the best solution for everyone.
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    @OmerFlame I’d suggest you to look into things like quemu, I guess it’ll be harder to hackingtosh starting with BigSur, simply because of the shift to ARM for Apple.

    “You just need two gpu’s”
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    @010001111 alright, you got a few things wrong with Big Sur:

    1. THEY STILL SUPPORT X86: the fact that they’re switching to ARM doesn’t mean that they don’t support x86 anymore, they will keep supporting it for about 8-10 more years.

    2. EXPERIENCE: I have started hackintoshing about 3 years ago, so I have some experience, albeit not much of it.

    3. ALREADY INSTALLED: I already have beta 1 of Big Sur installed, I wanna update to beta 2 and it doesn’t work. Fortunately, I tried updating on a separate volume, so all of my stuff is fine.
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    1) I know, but it’ll fade and bring more and more problems for native hackingtoshing over the years and I’d hate to go back to the times where you’d have to provide some special hardware ids just so the basics of things work again. It still is a huge problem for audio enthusiasts, like me.

    2) Good, I’m running hackingtosh as secondary OS for 10 years and I still don’t get many things.

    3) That’s a good precaution, but that’s also one of the things I always hated, just a small bug fix for Apple could break some other weird thing on a hackingtosh. So many data I lost because naive me “eh it’ll work, don’t need an backup”

    And now I’m switching back to AMD and before I get gray hair learning everything new, I went qemu so I can finally run both OS at the same time and the knowledge I’ve gained is also applicable to many other areas of business, so that’s good.
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    @OmerFlame while it's commendable that you figure out how to hackintosh beta OS releases, may I recommend just buying a Mac if you use this for serious work?

    (Yes it's expensive, but time and reliability are money)
    (Hey unless you're just doing it for the funsies, in which case go right on ahead)
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