Job frustrated me again today.

The shit just keeps on commiting suicide...

Cannot talk much about it, but essentially it's faulty software killing randomly one or one up to N servers running elasticsearch...

Conversation between me and a good friend:

Me: No gaming today, work todo.
Him: noooo...
Me: Yes...... Could u go buy some groceries? Household help is sick.
Him: maybe...what u need?
Me: coffee. I need frigging fucking coffee.
Him: ok. How bad is it.......
Me: empty today.
Him: will be at your house in hour. DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID.


It's funny how good friends immediately sense danger and become very attentive when the lack of coffee and myself is mentioned in one sentence.

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    @NoMad naaaa. i'm gay.

    But why should I replace it... If you think it's gay, it's fine by me.

    I don't have a trademark on it xD
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    @IntrusionCM that's a joke I often make at my friends to lightly offend them. The point is to assign them the wrong preference 😜

    Removed it because the meaning could get lost in text.
    Either way, the two of you are being cute.
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    @NoMad now I'm curious. You've made me curious, it's your fault! Damn you!
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    Hey, I'm back with the coffee. Did you do anything stupid?
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    @rutee07 No. Stayed inside.

    Like the last fucking frigging months.
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