WTF Windows.
I was assigned as TA to a highschool CS class, and was doing a live demonstration to ~20 students on how to install the Python environment and set up venv (on Windows, since that is what the majority of students use).
After installing Python, I tried to demonstrate invoking the Python environment by typing "python" in the command prompt. However, that opened up Microsoft Store instead.
Being extremely confused, I had to talk nonsense for 2 minutes while frantically look up what happened on another screen.
In the end, it seems like Microsoft recently introduced this "feature" that automatically associates the opening of a program to whatever it feels like.

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    There is no winning game playing the Python environment game.
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    At least you guys teach python..
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    That's the new package manager initiative in action.

    *Laughs in OS with real package management and terminal.
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    Just go for Anaconda and it will do all the neccessary installing and configuration shit on Windows for you...
    But switching to Linux would obviously be the better option. Windows will get worse as it becomes more and more a tool to nudge customers into using their cloud and store.
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    There is a Path variable on windows just as there is on Linux. There's just no standard /bin. Put any directory into Path and you can access it from cmd/powershell, just as on Linux. Also there should be a tickbox for putting it into Path in the python installer. Less intuitive, yes, but it's really not that hard.
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    @SortOfTested at least they are finally trying
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    I don't think they are though. They're bailing water.

    They're distant competition in the cloud market
    Their first class cloud tooling story is still heavily baked into an expensive OS that isn't competitive in the cloud.
    Their windows container effort is falling flat on its face due to cost and it needs to run atop hyperv
    Powershell as the recommended CLI for interfacing with azure is a complete joke
    WSL 2 still has massive issues with containers (volumes update doesn't happen on Ntfs, watchers fail to notify/fail silently, corrupted images)
    They only recently thought an ssh server would be useful, and most of their toolchain still prefers shit like WebDAV and ftp
    They've pushed a package manager that's par unusable
    They ignored an existing robust package manager, and all other package managers in the process
    They failed to understand package dependency suggestiom and wrote a CLI plugin that lets a gui application steal focus on behalf of the user
    They've pushed a terminal emulator that is in essence a clone of conemu, but with wat more bugs
    They've hijacked jupyter notebooks, and built a dotnet kernel you can't extend, and renders everything through Blazor, producing the fattest notebooks ever.

    They do a lot a good things, but these aren't among them. They're second-rate actors given top billing because their parents are important. If it even counts as trying it's at best the C-student definition of trying.
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    @Forside Python is already in path (by using the installer option); however, Windows still insists on opening it via Microsoft Store. This can be disabled in the app execution aliases in settings, but overriding the opening of an executable with another application isn't something people would expect in my opinion.
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    @SortOfTested ConEmu and WT both have their own merits. For example, I have always had performance issues with ConEmu for some reason. I think WT is like baby's first step but is actually pretty decent considering their half assed attempts at other things
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