Ok so that's my plan, find a kernel with HUGE amout of drivers and , high version.

I built a small os based on linux
-- kernel version 5.0.2 from Plop Linux,
many libraries added 'by hand' -- packages from apts of Debian&Ubuntu, and unpacked packages into system with ArchiveManager,
has GUI but it's called xfree86 ( looks strange when a very old app running on Kernel5 )
So, without compiling, i can make a os.

But i found that Plop didn't compile rtl8188eu module which makes linux support some specific network cards.

I have no professional compiler but a tiny C/Cpp compiler called TinyCC (aka. tcc), but for my pc ( CPU freq = 800MHz ), it seems not possible to compile the module by myself.

And then i downloaded a 5.2 kernel with modules from kernel.ubuntu.com, but when i tried to mount my disk ( part. vfat ), i got some errors like IO charset not found, and then i replaced it with Xanmod kernel but also reported an error said Invalid Arguments, but i checked /proc/filesystems, it supports.

So what can i do? Are there any pre-compiled kernel & modules with 'full common supports'?

I tried kernel 4.4 ( from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ) just now but the driver crashed when wpa_supplicant tried to initialize the device.

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    I really have no fucking clue what you are trying to accomplish.

    Reads like you mortify yourself out of fun.

    IO Charset not found has nothing to do with /proc/filesystems (edit)

    It's a statement from mount / FS layer that the specific NLS is missing from the kernel.

    It could be that your fstab contains a specific iocharset directive.

    But really: What are you trying to accomplish?
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    @IntrusionCM Sounds like LFS but on a fucking Coppermine or something. I don't even know what you expect to do with it, most GUI software won't build, and what little will is probably worse than using Termux or Vim for a shell.
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    @IntrusionCM i know, IO charset issue occured on a kernel and mount issue occured on another kernel.
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    @IntrusionCM Now i need to find a kernel with both full vfat support and rtl8188eu module prebuilt for x86, without compiling modules&kernel by myself.
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    @juliandroid Do you have two PCs? One for your selfmade OS, another for building software?
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    @IntrusionCM no, i have only one pc with an 800MHz CPU, running my custom os (i have GRUB installed so i can make multiple kernels stored on one disk).
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    @juliandroid i don't think that's wise.

    Maybe try out Bodhi https://bodhilinux.com/2020/03/...

    Or PeppermintOS

    Both will give you a stable environment, without having stuff to compile by yourself.

    And you could get that driver running by utilizing DKMS.
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